Westoe to Sigurwana

22 Dec 2021

Bookended by those two great queens, Victoria, and Elizabeth II, in a span of nearly 200 years, this book is a rollicking ride of family fortunes stretching from the Industrial Revolution in England to a non-racial, black-led republic in South Africa.

It is the sprawling saga of the Wright family starting in the small village of Westoe on the banks of the River Tyne, northern England, with another start in 1896 in South Africa.  Business ventures feature prominently; they are many and varied: shipping, milling, baking, farming, agribusiness, poultry, logistics and trucking, flying tourism, art galleries, a café, publishing, and a wilderness guest lodge in Limpopo.

The managerial challenges are multiple.  It is a tale of considerable success and achievements; there are also losses, heartbreaks, and tragedies.

It is life to the very brim.  It is also the autobiography of Neil Wright, born in 1943 in the Eastern Cape.

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