The cost to the economy of the electricity crisis

7 Sep 2015

Dawie Roodt, Chief Economist of Efficient Group, estimates the economy to be 13% less for 2014 than if the electricity crisis had been avoided.  Business Day comments that the above amounted to a loss of R350 billion worth of business activity, jobs, wages, etc. if the crisis had been avoided.

World Competitiveness Report compiled by the Institute for Management Development:

The Institute forms its assessments for the top 45 to 68 nations – the premier league of business countries in the world.

  • SA was generally ranked about 35 out of 50 countries.
  • In 2008 SA fell to 53 out of 55 nations.
  • In 2014 SA ranked 52 out of 60.(we are still in the premier league…just)

Global competitiveness of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is another measure written about in my book.