Renewable Energy in Africa

7 Sep 2015

  • Africa set to leap ahead in the production of renewable energy – Report Economist June 6th-12th 2015.
  • Northern Cape completed first of four CSPs (Concentrated Solar Power) in March – polished mirrors focus light to heat water and produce steam, producing electricity from generators.  Cost R78 billion ($640).
  •  South Africa has added 4800 MW renewable energy to the national grid in the last four years (10% of SA’s total).
  • Costs per unit of renewable power have reduced 70%.
  • Hydro electric power set to provide 15% of Africa’s energy needs by 2040.
  • Ethiopia set to increase hydropower from 4 GW in 2011 to 17 GW by 2020.  A large portion to be produced by the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.
  • The Congo River at Inga Falls, between Kinshasa and the Atlantic ocean could become by far the world’s largest hydropower station generating 40 000 MW – 20 times the power produced by the Hoover Dam in USA.
  • Netcare is placing solar heating and electricity in 35 hospitals.  In coming years this will offset increases from the State.  The group has been hit by increased tariffs of 160% since 2009 – with no letup in sight.

It could be boom times for renewable energy in Africa.