One Race, The Human Race, NOW!

30 May 2018

Chapter One of “One Race, The Human Race, Now”, this chapter is a tribute to President Mandela, fitting for the celebration of the centenary of his birth. He is one of three or four enlightened people who have not only contributed to South Africa’s humanitarian progress, but to the world’s. Enlightened strategists like Mandela only come around every three or 400 years.

We learn a great deal from Chapter 1 – patriarchy, male dominance, wars, difference in the genders, gender equality, dysfunctional behaviour, tolerance and the world’s progress to a new order – a better world.  A world of peace, of harmony where the acceptance of One Race The Human Race becomes inevitable, all belonging to Human Race, supported by international law and emotionally and instinctively accepted as the right thing.

This book has to be read by as many South Africans as possible. Buy the book and give it to someone you know as an aspiring leader…..or practising manager.