Numbers in Our Lives Promo

8 Apr 2015

Away from our own little world

The  world is a big place… room for all of us.” Numbers in our Lives” take one on this journey, so many opportunities. It is one of the byproducts of the book.

A massive amount of information on life, eighteen chapters – comprehensive basic numbers…”.all the numbers you will ever need to know, “to quote Amanda Paterson.

The generics of Wrights writing

A common thread  runs through Neil Wright’s  books, apart from being interesting and entertaining, there is a generosity about his books, they helpful, give instructive knowledge.

His books on business management  and leadership help people run a business. The book on the sculptor  Carl Roberts and the potter  Andrew Walford are insightful into the lives of the artists and into the skills of their trade.

Telling it with Numbers

The information explosion  means huge competition for the written word, people just don’t have time to read everything. By letting the numbers do the talking, it is an economic way of packing a great deal of information in a much shorter text.

Numbers Change

Records are broken, disasters occur – new numbers.  Numbers are alive, some are changing all the time. The author has a monthly newsletter  with updates of interesting numbers.

Readers are encouraged to send their e-mail addresses together with the unique number of their book (on the back cover).  Newsletters can then be sent to owners of the book.  The author encourages comments and to hear about numbers that might have escaped him.

Career opportunities

For the children growing up in a household  the book  presents a huge number of career opportunities, many people might not have thought of them… The opportunities in eco-tourism  is an example or aerospace. The money earned by top sportsmen is another example. There are investment tips for Grand Dad….it really is a book for the whole household.

Get your copy now by e-mailing your address details to Wright Publishing. Email  Payment is R325 per copy the same as if you bought it at a bookshop, This includes packaging and posting anywhere in South Africa.  Payment can be made via internet banking.. Remember every household should have this book…..including every business.