Numbers in Money and Personal Finance (Quiz)

7 Sep 2015

  1. Compound interest is referred to as the magic of interest compound.         YES    NO
  2. VAT on an item is calculated by  14 ÷ 114 x 1000 = R122.80.        YES    NO
  3. The inflation rate dropped to its lowest level in 2010 + 0%.             YES    NO
  4. Mashonisas  are money lenders to the informal sector.  They fallUnder the National Credit Act.                                                               YES    NO
  5. Stokvels are recognized by the big banks as a financial  service Product.                                                                                                    YES    NO
  6. The value of a unit trust is the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the shares In that unit trust.                                                                                      YES    NO
  7. In the Annual Top 100 Companies in the Business Times Competition the top five companies achieved compound growth over five years in excess of 35% per year.   YES    NO
  8. The PE Price Earnings ratio         =   market price per share
  9. Annual earnings per share     YES    NO
  10. Hedge funds particularly do well in a bear market. Profits are made as a share price falls.                                                                               YES    NO
  11. Shares on the Stock Exchange cannot be bought on line
  12. Through the Internet.                                                                               YES    NO

If you are a little rusty on these personal finance numbers you need to read Chapter 5 again.  Don’t lose out on saving through buying shares directly or unit trusts.