Meeting Carl Roberts

30 May 2018

This book gives a vivid insight into one of South Africa’s best known sculptors and the art he has created. The book is a gallery of Carl’s work, with many of his art pieces artistically portrayed in the text of the book and others in the gallery section. Some 200 pictures in all are included, representing most of Carl’s important works to date. An informative and sensitive analysis is given of Carl’s art. The account draws on Carl’s academic training and relates his work to historic developments in the art world.

What sort of person is this that has created such bold, imaginative and exciting work? The book includes telling the story of the man, his background, his upbringing, his family, his training and career so far. An interview with Carl Roberts recorded in this book tells the reader something of Carl as a person. This is a book for all those interested in art and more especially lovers of art.

Neil Wright