Healthcare, the Body and related numbers

27 Jul 2015

  1. a) Alcohol consumption:
  • Drinking limit recommendations are slashed in UK (see book for explanation of unit).
  • Men should limit alcohol to 14 units per 7-day week, down from 21 units.  New recommendations are the same for women.
  • Men reportedly have a 2.1% increased chance of getting bowel cancer or a 1.9% increased chance of esophagus cancer if they drink more than the revised limit.
  • Tips to cut back on units consumed:
    Turn down free drinks, get a friend to cut down with you, avoid drinking on an empty stomach, keep booze out of sight and place cash saved towards something else.
  1. b) Intimate partner violence (IPV)

(This is a healthcare issue with deep psychological roots.)

  • Every eight hours a woman dies in South Africa; 50% are murdered by an intimate partner.
  • Between 36-40% of women experience physical IPV while 15-19% are sexually violated by their partners.
  • Research from Statistics SA in a report on victims of crime reported that one in every four women faced violence from within their own homes.
  • The drivers of IPV:  individual inequality, jealousy, financial matters, drugs and alcohol.

The information comes from Dr Kate Joyner from Stellenbosch University, Drs Kate Rees and Simone Honikman from University of Cape Town have also written on the subject.  Report from Daily News 6 May 2016. 

  1. c) Road deaths

The causes of death are a healthcare subject – death on the roads is a significant killer.

December/January are the worst months

For 2014/15 total deaths: 1253
For 2015/16 total deaths: 1387 11% increase

Victims for 2015/16:

passengers: 38.8%
pedestrians: 34.5%
drivers: 23.9%
cyclists: 2.8%
males: 74.4%
females: 25.2%

Vehicles involved for 2015/16

Small motor vehicles: 47.9%
Light delivery vehicles: 22.7%
Mini-buses: 10.1%
Trucks: 4.8%

The spread of road deaths in provinces

KwaZulu-Natal: 302
Eastern Cape: 278
Gauteng: 271
Limpopo: 208
Mpumalanga: 184
Western Cape: 162
North West: 136
Northern Cape: 57

Leading causes

  1. Human factor
  2. Tyre burst
  3. Faulty brakes
  4. Smooth tyres
  5. Environmental, eg sharp-bends, wet surface, poor visibility.
  1. d) World’s happiest places

Arguably these ratings belong to this chapter.

156 countries were surveyed for their happiness levels, prepared by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions and Earth Institute at Columbia University.

Top Ten Countries


1) Denmark

2) Switzerland

3) Iceland

4) Norway

5) Finland

6) Canada

7) The Netherlands

8) New Zealand

9) Australia

10) Sweden

Bottom 10 Countries













Interesting  rankings











Five countries have a Minister of Happiness:  Bhutan, Ecuador, Scotland, UAE and Venezuela.

  1. e)DNA traces

Each day we lose between 40 – 150 hairs, we take between 17 000 and 23 000 breaths and lose approximately 43 million skin cells.  Everywhere we go we leave traces of ourselves and even with the slightest contact we leave behind our DNA.

This is a reminder of how a crime scene can be traced to the person.