Following & Leading in Management South Africa

30 May 2018

Following, in this book is essentially about the management of oneself, and leading is about the management of others.

“Following & Leading in Management in South Africa” follows and complements my first book; “Carrier Value”. Carrier Value was based on my experience in the Road Transport Industry. This new book covers the major management concepts that arose in my thirty years in business. I quote many of the leading management authorities. Some like Peter Drucker were founding fathers of this age of management.

Bridging the Management Gap

Two markets are targeted, mature managers wanting to brush up on management skills they might have forgotten. And the new generation of managers (could be Black Economic Empowerment learner managers).

I attempt to bridge the gap between the real world and theory. I write essentially for those making it happen. Those at the coal face of business or other organisations.

Africa and the Road Ahead

Following & leading – from where and where to? You don’t follow or lead in a vacuum. The past, present and future environment must have a huge influence on followers and leaders. The last chapter is headed “Modernisation in the road ahead.” an analysis is made of the salient features on this subject. It is about the modern world we live in and Africa’s movement… to where?
Neil Wright