Summary and Conclusion

Expropriation of land without compensation is a populist call, this is the easy part of righting the wrongs of the past. The more difficult part is to make land restitution work in the future. With compensation, the section 25 of the constitution does slow down the process, time for preparations, living off the land is…

5 Jun 2018

The Future

There must be a focus on new enterprises, the total GDP (Gross Domestic Product), must grow four times. New enterprises are needed, farms should be business enterprises. Existing enterprises must grow, a two-pronged strategy is needed. New enterprising owners of land are more likely to succeed if they build up new farms themselves with the…

5 Jun 2018

Memorandum of understanding on “The Land”

This summary below is my contribution to the land question, from a believer in One Race, The Human Race. The following is my list of understandings, I am sure there will be more. There should be acknowledgement  by  whites for the injustices of the past, including hurt and humiliation that  black Africans suffered, from laws…

5 Jun 2018

The Land Question

“One Race, the Human Race, Now” is almost as radical a call as “expropriation of land without compensation”, any amendment to the Constitution on the land ownership must by necessity refer to Race. It might be one of the last hurdles before we can put race behind us….and start living the dream of being part…

5 Jun 2018

Numbers In Our Lives Book Launch

You are cordially invited to the launch of Neil Wright’s latest book NUMBERS IN OUR LIVES Wednesday 20th November 5.00 pm Venue: Scribbles Book Shop 21 Fields Hill Shopping Centre Kloof Wine and snacks will be served Signed copies at R170.00 each will be on sale Advocate Alex Jeffrey will open the Book Launch followed by a…

29 May 2018

Numbers in the Economies of Countries

a) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) For 2015 FDI for Africa reduced by 7% from $54bn (R798bn). For South Africa FDI reduced by 69% to only $1.8bn – the worst in 16 years. Global FDI increased by 38% to $1.76 trillion – the highest since the start of the global financial crisis. b) Purchasing Managers’ Index…

27 Jul 2016

Numbers in Team Sports

a) UEFA  Soccer competition for 2016:  telling the final with numbers (Portugal 1 – 0 France) The final, played on Sunday 10th July 2016 at the Saint Denis Stadium in Paris In the second half of extra time, after 109 minutes ‘Eder  shot a goal from 22 metres into the corner of the goal, beating…

27 Jul 2016

Numbers in power, transport and travel

a) How Uber Conquered London Significant Numbers 30 000 people download Uber and order a car for the first time every week in London. Uber operates in 400 cities around the world. Uber was started in San Francisco on 31 May 2010 by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick. The idea of Uber came to the founders…

27 Jul 2016

Numbers in Cities

a) Most dangerous cities in the world Dangerous cities of the world (study produced by Mexico City Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice . The ranking was based on the number of murders per 100, 000 inhabitants for cities with a population of over 300 000. The top 10 (most number of murders) Caracas,…

27 Jul 2016

Miscellaneous Numbers and Myths about Numbers

Box Office Top Earners, their accumulative earnings Harrison Ford: Samuel L Jackson: Tom Hanks: Morgan Freeman: Eddie Murphy: Tom Cruise: Robert Downey: Johnny Depp: Michael Cain: Gary Oldham: $4.7bn $4.6bn $4.3bn $4.3bn $4.3bn $4.2bn $3.5bn $3.2bn $3.1bn $3.1bn

26 Jul 2016

Individual Sports

a) Comrades Marathon 29 May 2016  COMRADES MARATHON BY NUMBERS   Entrants: Women: Men: South African runners: International runners: Rest of Africa runners: 21 446 4 722 16 724 19 831 1 320 381   Top Five Languages Spoken:  English: Afrikaans: Zulu: North Sotho: Sotho: 11 119 3 718 2 702 789 712 Top 10…

26 Jul 2016

Numbers in Basic Measurement

a) A fun exercise.Think of a three-digit number: Do not use duplicates Example 1 693 Reverse it 396 Subtract smaller figure from larger 297 Multiply by 2 594 Reverse it 495 Add these together 1089 Example 2 423 Reverse it 324 Subtract smaller figure from larger 99 Multiply by 2 198 Reverse it 891 Add…

19 Jul 2016

Number in money and personal finance

a) from Warren Buffet. Berkshire Hathaway (BH) the investment corporation managed by Warren Buffett as CEO and Charlie Munger as Chairman. Some interesting numbers: BH, 25 years ago was trading at $8. 075, the current price is $218. 530.  This gives a compound annual return of 14.1%. Warren Buffett’s personal wealth is $62 billion.  His annual…

14 Jul 2016

Numbers in Democracy

a) The UK leaving the European Union EU (Brexit) In the1975  referendum to test United Kingdom membership ,the result  67%  in favour, 33% against in a 65% turnout. In June 2016  the Brits elected to leave with 52% majority, 48% to remain in a 72% turnout. The result caused wide spread turmoil. Some “Numbers” comments: 2009…

14 Jul 2016


a) Matric pass rate for 2015 Overall pass rate: 70.7% for 2015, lower than 75.8%% for 2014. Cohort pass rate:  of the 1.1 million who enrolled for Grade 2 in 2005, 455 885 wrote and past matric. This is a cohort pass rate of 40.7%. This is an improvement over 2014 where the cohort pass…

14 Jul 2016

Some co-Incidences

Opposites having the same numbers of letters: Life Dead 4 letters Hate Love 4 letters Enemies Friends 7 letters Hurt Heal 4 letters Lying Truth 5 letters Negative Positive 8 letters Failure Success 7 letters Below Above 5 letters Cry Joy 3 letters Anger Happy 5 letters Right Wrong 5 letters Rich Poor 4 letters…

9 Dec 2015

Sustainable development goals (SDG)

On 25 September 2015, the 193 countries of the UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Development Agenda titled Transforming our world’.’ This included the following goals End poverty in all its forms everywhere End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all…

9 Dec 2015

Pre-Breakfast Habits of Highly Successful People

Many people think squeezing in breakfast before work is a feat in itself.  However, research from the World Economic Forum (WEF) states that successful people make the most of their mornings. The WEF has published a list of 14 things that successful people do in their mornings before the first meal of the day. Wake…

8 Dec 2015

Top five companies for 2015

Share Name Opening Price (cents) Closing Price (cents) Final Value (Rands) Compound Annual Growth 5 years ave.% pa 1 Fortress Income Fund B 250 3 200 153 630 72.70% 2 Trusted Group Holdings 28 350 143780 70.43% 3 EOH Holdings 1 234 15 850 139 402 69.38% 4 Taste Holdings 55 425 84 004 53.06%…

8 Dec 2015

Free Marketers under threat from the left

Numbers that are likely to change in the world in the light of rapid change (Taken from The Economist 3 – 9 October 2015 in the Schumpeter column headed “Capitalism and its Discontents”) Political parties on the left have gained prominence. Jeremy Corbyn a hard-left leader now leads the Labour Party in Britain.  In Greece…

8 Dec 2015

The Greek Bailout Numbers

Third time lucky Brussels EU Bank provided €86 billion (or $96 billion) over three years from 13 July 2015. Greece settled terms on 11 August with four institutions representing the interests of creditors: 1)  The European Commission 2)  The European Central Bank (ECB) 3)  The IMF and the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) 4)  A rescue…

8 Dec 2015

Numbers in Money and Personal Finance (Quiz)

Compound interest is referred to as the magic of interest compound.         YES    NO VAT on an item is calculated by  14 ÷ 114 x 1000 = R122.80.        YES    NO The inflation rate dropped to its lowest level in 2010 + 0%.             YES    NO Mashonisas  are money lenders to the informal sector.  They fallUnder the National Credit Act.                                                               YES    NO Stokvels are recognized by the…

7 Sep 2015

The cost to the economy of the electricity crisis

Dawie Roodt, Chief Economist of Efficient Group, estimates the economy to be 13% less for 2014 than if the electricity crisis had been avoided.  Business Day comments that the above amounted to a loss of R350 billion worth of business activity, jobs, wages, etc. if the crisis had been avoided. World Competitiveness Report compiled by the…

7 Sep 2015

Electric Cars

China sold 300 000 electric cars last year How did Elon Musk come to give his electric car the name Tesla? Answer: Tesla and Edison were rivals, but not sworn enemies as some believe.  In most circles Edison was the better known of the two, Elon Musk didn’t call his car Edison, so Musk  might…

7 Sep 2015

5G Networks Proposed for 2020 (estimate)

His07tory 1G started + 1980 – used analogue; wireless networks became digital in 2001.  3G was born in 2010 and later 4G providing mobile devices with broadband access.  4G is based on standards called Long Term Evaluation (LTE). Wireless devices currently operate in the crowded 700 MHz to 2.6 GHz radio frequency compass.  This is known as…

7 Sep 2015

Renewable Energy in Africa

Africa set to leap ahead in the production of renewable energy – Report Economist June 6th-12th 2015. Northern Cape completed first of four CSPs (Concentrated Solar Power) in March – polished mirrors focus light to heat water and produce steam, producing electricity from generators.  Cost R78 billion ($640).  South Africa has added 4800 MW renewable energy to…

7 Sep 2015

Fraser Institute of Canada Analysis of Economic Freedom

Five Pillars The soundness of a country’s currency. 2. Its freedom of trade internationally. 3.         The extent of the regulations it imposes on the private sector. 4.         The size of its government. 5.         Its respect for property rights. In monitoring these areas the Fraser Institute divided countries into four quartiles ranging from the least economically free to the…

7 Aug 2015

Healthcare, the Body and related numbers

a) Alcohol consumption: Drinking limit recommendations are slashed in UK (see book for explanation of unit). Men should limit alcohol to 14 units per 7-day week, down from 21 units.  New recommendations are the same for women. Men reportedly have a 2.1% increased chance of getting bowel cancer or a 1.9% increased chance of esophagus cancer if…

27 Jul 2015

Numbers Individual Sports Quiz

Are these statements correct, Yes or No ? 1)  The world record in high jump for men is 2.45m? 2)  Usain Bolt holds two athletic world records? 3)  Zola Budd still holds the SA 1500m record for women? 4)  The America’s Cup is a yacht race around Manhattan Island? 5)  The Tour de France covers…

9 Jun 2015

Numbers in Our Lives Promo

Away from our own little world The  world is a big place… room for all of us.” Numbers in our Lives” take one on this journey, so many opportunities. It is one of the byproducts of the book. A massive amount of information on life, eighteen chapters – comprehensive basic numbers…”.all the numbers you will…

8 Apr 2015

Harmony in the work place

Introduction “Goodwill is the mightiest practical force in the universe”…quote from Charles Dole. “Be kind. Remember everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”. By T.H Thompson Building goodwill by  being kind and understanding will go a long way to improve harmony in the work place. World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Rankings South Africa is overall ranked…

8 Apr 2015

Seven Habits of highly successful people

A review and summary of Steven Covey’s Book by Neil Wright. The Seven Habits: Be proactive Begin with the end in mind Put first things first Win/ Win Seek first to understand than to be understood Synergise Sharpen the saw The full article can be obtained by email please contact

19 Nov 2014


“It is full of interesting facts about numbers and people love lists of things.  You have added information that I have not seen before….. Every number you could ever want is in one book”. “Readers today want to be entertained and anything they learn is a bonus.  Your book is perfect for this – have…

30 Sep 2014

Instinctual Leadership

Material is from a two day course hosted by the Centre for Coaching at UCT Business School, took  place on  4th & 5thFeb 2014.     Developing embodied confidence, connection and authentic power, were the words used underneath the course heading.  Instinctual Leadership would come under “self development” if we are looking  for an overall heading.  The brain…

19 Jun 2014

Execution and Implementation of Strategy

“At most companies, strategy is a highly abstract concept – often confused with vision or aspiration – and is not something that can be easily communicated or translated into action. But without a clear sense of where the company is headed and why, lower levels in the organisation cannot put in place executable plans.”  At  the…

19 Jun 2014

Government to Government (G2G) trading

In “The Economist”, week 8-14 February 2014, an account was given of governments trading with each other.  A few examples are as follows: To obtain my full article on the subject, please email: for a down load.

27 May 2014


Compliance, like strategy, the job needs to be given to someone. Companies would have a Compliance Officer.  The task is  delegated to a person who is then responsible to see that all departments comply with regulations.  It is a very responsible position.

23 May 2014