A Potter’s Tale in Africa

30 May 2018

The Life and Work of Andrew Walford

The book was launched appropriately at Durban’s famous art centre, the KZNSA in Bulwer Road in 2010. David Basckin who wrote the foreword in the book gave the address.

This book is a celebration of Andrew Walford and his work. For nearly 50 years, Andrew has continued to produce his famous ceramics from a studio in the picturesque area of Shongweni. Many will have taken a scenic drive to Andrew’s place for his exhibitions and the biryani lunch.

A Rich and Beautiful Ceramics Legacy

“A Potter’s Tale in Africa”  captures the detail of Andrew’s life. ”Andrew talks to us through the book. You can hear his voice, he tells his story” says author Neil Wright.

Andrew’s ceramics work is a legacy of his fascinating and rich life, his travels, the people who have influenced him and his exhibitions worldwide. Many homes, galleries and private collections around the world have Andrew’s ceramics. KwaZulu-Natal can be proud of one of its sons.

Neil Wright gives a brief history of ceramics both in the world and nearer to home in Africa.  From developments in our home province of KwaZulu-Natal, Iron Age Man, Zulu pots and other more contemporary developments like Pottery from Rorke’s Drift and Ardmore.

For Ceramics Lovers Worldwide

The book is a very interesting read and contains beautiful pictures of Andrew’s work. Collectors, potters and everyone who appreciates the everlasting quality of ceramics will enjoy this book.

The book is a great gift for visitors to our shores, as a living memento of their stay here. “A Potter’s Tale in Africa” is published by Wright Publishing.

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Neil Wright