Business modeling

Business modelling is the overall heading given to the consultancy and advisory services given by Wright Publishing. The main focus within the business model is marketing and strategic planning with the use of all the necessary management tools.

The service of the consultancy will be via the electronic media, both internets e-mailing and Skype conversations.

Wright Publishing has sufficient material on management and related topics to be able to engage potential users of the service, these books can be referred on this web page.

The consultancy is a commercial service charge would be made depending on the client’s requirements.

This could be:

  • For a discussion on a particular subject the charge would per hour or part thereof.  R300 per hour.
  • There would be a charge for material sent (see below);


1) Electronic book. R 30 per book
2) Internet attachment of article R15 per article
3) Research and preparation of paper submitted, a quote given on application .

The books and articles in hardcopy:

1) Books, R150, each plus packing and postage
2) Articles, R50 per article plus packaging and post.
3) Research papers on application

Monthly retainer for firms to include electronic material and 4 hours discussion per month. The retainer R2000 per month.