MARCH 2019


Final News Letter - Part Two: 

Management Practices for a new generation of Business Leaders!  

This book, my latest, published at the end of 2017, did not hit the market. It failed to sell in any real numbers. I think the title frightened people. Tragically, Part Two an equally valuable part of the book was overlooked.

Part Two, is an update for a new generation of business leaders on the practice of management. Currently SA needs dedicated practicing managers……not noisy leaders. In the body of the Newsletter please see a leading authority’s outlook of Managements contribution to the human Race.

My contribution to these two fields is to now make available a free electronic copy of the book, the link for your copy is

Please send the link to anyone you believe could benefit by having a copy of the book. Please read my account of dualism, if nothing else, dualism forces you to think.


Happy Reading! 

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