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One Race, the Human Race, Now!

Jacob Zuma resigns, and Cyril Ramaphosa becomes President.  Wow!  My book was waiting for this, it is written for the new era…

It is an idealistic call, the title of the book, the time has come to place this ideal in focus and start the discussion process. The book is in two parts covering socio, economic and politics in part one, and in part two a Key area, somewhat neglected and misunderstood  the practice of management.

The ANC is not going to change its policies on Affirmative Action (AA) nor Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) overnight, but with the new President I am sure he will want to know the policies of the government are there on merit – policies need to be questioned. Do they contribute to economic growth and sustainable transformation, or not?  This to bring all our citizens up to a certain minimum standard and quality of life.

The State of the Nation Address (SONA)

This was our first exposure to Ramaphosa as president of the country.

What a difference a few days make in politics.  Zuma gone Wednesday 14th February; new president gives the SONA on Friday evening 16th February.  The return of “the Madiba magic” was palpable.  A huge weight of uncertainty has been lifted off our shoulders – the decency, the respect, the caring – pressing the right buttons.  Everything starts with good signals (signal criteria). Cyril’s challenge the delivery (user criteria).

My list of challenges for the ANC, written about in my book are:

  1. ANC unity – became more apparent after Cyril won the elections, he won by 179.  See below table of election results. It may be one of Cyril’s master strokes achieving unity…. without compromising what must be done.
  2. National Democratic Revolution – not understood by many South Africans – it could be divisive, a brake on the economy and in conflict with the Freedom Charter and Constitution– South Africa belongs to all who live in it.  Read more in the book.
  3. A real solution for the SOEs – will the ANC make the right decision in their restructuring?  Should they be sold, and the proceeds put in a sovereign fund? From which the country can really benefit……..the opportunities are mind blowing. 
  4. Radical economic transformation – the Zuma’s faction call – will the ANC look at what is rational and practical? White monopoly capital and redistribution of land without compensation are somewhat emotional calls for retribution. My book unpacks this whole area, including a comprehensive account on the land issue, a must read.
  5. ANC’s performance in reducing unemployment, poverty and inequality needs urgent focus and wisdom. Then getting to grips with education and skills training, together with health care, and arresting crime and fraud all needs a Marshal type plan…. from committed citizens.

A great deal was written in my book about the era under Zuma, we learnt a great deal of what not to do. One of the worst features was the lack of in-depth intellectual debate and discussion on the modernising world we live in.

Cyril will set an example on the need for clear in depth thinking. We have a chapter on dualism in the book, it is away to assist the thinking process to achieves workable solutions. 

Chapter One

Chapter One of “One Race, The Human Race, Now”, this chapter is a tribute to President Mandela, fitting for the celebration of the centenary of his birth. He is one of three or four enlightened people who have not only contributed to South Africa’s humanitarian progress, but to the world’s. Enlightened strategists like Mandela only come around every three or 400 years.

We learn a great deal from Chapter 1 – patriarchy, male dominance, wars, difference in the genders, gender equality, dysfunctional behaviour, tolerance and the world’s progress to a new order – a better world.  A world of peace, of harmony where the acceptance of One Race The Human Race becomes inevitable, all belonging to Human Race, supported by international law and emotionally and instinctively accepted as the right thing.

This book has to be read by as many South Africans as possible. Buy the book and give it to someone you know as an aspiring leader…..or practising manager.  

The book is on sale in many of our bookshops around the country. The book can also be bought from I.Go  Books  or Wright Publishing can be contacted on:
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Newsletters will be published on Wright Publishing’s Blog every month, up dates and comments will be given on developments including giving a review on each successive chapter. The next chapter, two, is entitled, “Where are we, Socially, Politically and Ideologically”’   

ANC Conference December 2017 – Election Results for Top Six

Happy Reading! 

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