20 June 2018

Wright Publishing, second newsletter based on the book

“One Race, The Human Race, Now”

We also promote chapter two at the end of the letter.

The Land Question

“One Race, the Human Race, Now” is almost as radical a call as “expropriation of land without compensation”, any amendment to the Constitution on the land ownership must by necessity refer to Race. It might be one of the last hurdles before we can put race behind us….and start living the dream of being part of one race, the Human Race.
Since 1994 half of all farming properties have changed hands. (a research finding from the University of the Western Cape). Reports have also shown that the government could have bought half the farms in the country if they were really serious about land restitution.


Memorandum of understanding on “The Land”

The non-derogable Rights at the end of Chapter 2 of the Constitution might provide the answer to compensation being necessary in the expropriation of land. Without compensation you are invariably punishing innocent people and harming others employed directly or indirectly in the linked businesses. In the rhetoric we are losing sight of land being part of a business with all the value chains this implies.


The Future

There must be a focus on new enterprises, the total GDP (Gross Domestic Product), must grow four times. New enterprises are needed, farms should be business enterprises. Existing enterprises must grow, a two-pronged strategy is needed. New enterprising owners of land are more likely to succeed if they build up new farms themselves with the necessary support. The successes and failures of farms need case studies for us all to learn.


Summary and Conclusion

Expropriation of land without compensation is a populist call, this is the easy part of righting the wrongs of the past. The more difficult part is to make land restitution work in the future. With compensation, the section 25 of the constitution does slow down the process, time for preparations, living off the land is no longer a hunter gatherers existence. Subsistence farming is a poverty trap…inevitably, social grants are needed, and some members of the family must send home money from employment or businesses in the city. People can’t live anymore without modern technology, cell phones, TV’s, modern medicine, including other conveniences.


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