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Numbers in Time in World History

2016 23rd June, the day the British Public voted by a simple majority of 52% in a turnout of 72% to leave the European Union. EU.

"It's Better to Laugh"

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Tales by an Eastern Cape Family

Good humour provides some spice in our lives? “It is Better to Laugh” is James McNaughton’s collection of stories from the Eastern Cape.  Growing up in the Karoo near Graaff-Reinet, James went to school in Grahamstown and now he and Gill his wife live on the Western Cape coast at Sedgefield.

James McNaughton tells the stories and shares other historic developments in his life.  Farmers in the Eastern Cape are renowned for their story telling and James is one of the best. He must be thanked for taking the time to write it all down and to entertain us.

Story Telling Rich with History

The stories, apart from a good laugh, are an historic record of life at the time – much has changed.  Farming wasn’t always so mechanised. In the past mules, horses and oxen played their part. Times were often tough: drought, floods, then wool and mohair booms came and went. Thank God for a sense of humour. In these times, strong relationships were built with family and friends. Family loyalty was important and there was time, - quality time - to spend with all.

Anyone who has connections with the Eastern Cape - and many do - will enjoy this book – places and characters are familiar.  This book is more than a laugh.

Neil Wright

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