Neil Wright, having been in business most of his working life, is now very much occupied with writing and mentoring. His most recent book “Following and Leading in Management South Africa” will soon be followed by two new books, “The Numbers in Our Lives” and “The Practice of Management”.

Born in Grahamstown, Neil Wright went to St.Andrew`s College, going on to study at Rhodes University and later to the University of Cape Town, where he obtained his BCom (Hons) in Financial Management. Wright is an avid reader of books by leading business management authorities and has attended numerous courses including courses given by The Leadership Trust in the UK.

Business Management in Practice

Neil Wright spent 28 years in the transport industry, running his own business. There were two divisions, Rent a Truck (Pty) Ltd. and Nominated Carrier, both Cape Town based companies. Together the two businesses developed into one of the largest privately-owned transport operations in the country, with branches in all the major centres. The business was sold by Wright in 2000.

The BONISA Private Gallery

Neil and his wife Liesel also ran a gallery in Kloof, Bonisa Private Gallery for a few years. From this experience, Wright wrote books on two of the artists, the well known sculptor, Carl Roberts and the doyen of ceramics, the potter Andrew Walford. These are available as printed books or to read online.

Neil and Liesel live in Kloof, Kwa-Zulu Natal and have a Game Lodge on the Soutpansberg, Sigurwana.

Postal address:
P.O.Box 1033, Kloof, 3640 KZN
Email: bonisa47@mweb.co.za


Summary and Conclusion

Expropriation of land without compensation is a populist call, this is the easy part of righting the wrongs of the past. The more difficult part is to make land restitution work in the future. With compensation, the section 25 of the constitution does slow down the process, time for preparations, living off the land is…

5 June 2018

The Future

There must be a focus on new enterprises, the total GDP (Gross Domestic Product), must grow four times. New enterprises are needed, farms should be business enterprises. Existing enterprises must grow, a two-pronged strategy is needed. New enterprising owners of land are more likely to succeed if they build up new farms themselves with the…

5 June 2018

Memorandum of understanding on “The Land”

This summary below is my contribution to the land question, from a believer in One Race, The Human Race. The following is my list of understandings, I am sure there will be more. There should be acknowledgement  by  whites for the injustices of the past, including hurt and humiliation that  black Africans suffered, from laws…

5 June 2018


Business modeling

Business modelling is the overall heading given to the consultancy and advisory services given by Wright Publishing. The main focus within the business model is marketing and strategic planning with the use of all the necessary management tools.

The service of the consultancy will be via the electronic media, both internets e-mailing and Skype conversations.

Wright Publishing has sufficient material on management and related topics to be able to engage potential users of the service, these books can be referred on this web page.

The consultancy is a commercial service charge would be made depending on the client’s requirements.

This could be:

  • For a discussion on a particular subject the charge would per hour or part thereof.  R300 per hour.
  • There would be a charge for material sent (see below);


1) Electronic book. R 30 per book
2) Internet attachment of article R15 per article
3) Research and preparation of paper submitted, a quote given on application .

The books and articles in hardcopy:

1) Books, R150, each plus packing and postage
2) Articles, R50 per article plus packaging and post.
3) Research papers on application

Monthly retainer for firms to include electronic material and 4 hours discussion per month. The retainer R2000 per month.